October 8th, 2009


Fic - Hyperion's Son Ch 25

Hyperion's Son
By cornerofmadness
Disclaimer - Sing the chorus. I don't own them (well, Darts, Misty and Night Rain are mine), Joss does. No harm intended, no money made, thank you for letting us borrow them for a while. Spoilers - All of BtVS S7 and AtS S4
Rating - FRM
Pairing - Buffy/Angel, Gunn/Fred and probably a few others as we roll on
Summary - Ten years after Angel gave up his son, Angel Investigations has a strange new case, one of the young new Slayers training with Buffy in LA has turned up dead just like a half dozen or so street kids leading Angel, Buffy and their friends into a very dark world of hopelessness to find the evil is after one of their own.
Author’s Note – you can find the whole story here
previous chapters thanks to evil_little_dog for the beta oh so long ago.

I just want to pay my respects
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